Is your “stuff” bugging you? Is it hard to find things in your closets because they’re too full? Do you have piles of papers (or books or magazines) here and there and everywhere? Are you paying for storage because your possessions won’t fit in your home? Are there boxes of your parents’ belongings in your bedroom? Have you moved and not unpacked all the boxes (and it’s been 6 years)? Have you tried to get a handle on things but given up in frustration? Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t know where to start? Contact me!

My office was looking like I put all my papers in a blender and pressed the button…and the result wasn’t a smoothie. Sheindl came to my rescue with sensitivity and an artist’s eye. I’m able to focus and concentrate on my creative projects without all the distraction of clutter and I love my beautiful workspace now! Thank you, Sheindl.

Linda M, Le Plateau, Montreal

Sheindl was the most helpful person that I ever met. When I moved into my new premises at Place Kensington, I don’t think I could have done it without Sheindl’s help. She was at my side and helped me no end. She helped me go through my books, jewelry, clothing, shoes, and dishes, and decide what to bring and what to give away. It’s wonderful to talk to her and she’s a darling to deal with. I simply love her.

Doris B, Moved from Outremont to Westmount