SR, Westmount, Montreal

I finally bit the bullet after many years of keeping anything I wanted but did not know where to store. ‘Anything’ included documents, photos, minutes of organizations, material from organizations, family medical records, etc. so that any flat surface was not visible nor was the carpet.I met Sheindl at a street fair and I liked her immediately. The timing was right to try and deal with that room. I had tried myself several times and could not make a dent in the mess. I recognized that this was serendipity. In 3 hours after our first meeting the room was unrecognizable. The carpet which I had not seen in years could now be vacuumed and I was now able to use my desk. She did not encourage me to get rid of anything (I came to those conclusions myself while going through the ‘treasures’) and she is gentle in her manner and fun. It is so much easier to get rid of unnecessary ‘stuff’ having someone with you. Hiring Sheindl is the best decision that I have made.