Sally P, Cote St. Luc, Montreal

Sheindl was extremely helpful on many levels at a very difficult time. She helped me and my siblings organize and stage our mother’s house after she passed away so that it could be put up for sale. After the sale we had limited time to empty it and move all the belongings out and she was of great assistance as well as very supportive and patient regarding the emotions we were contending with while trying to do this difficult job.

Sheindl was always professional and supportive and was willing to stay long hours to finish the job. She even showed up one night unexpectedly to see how things were going and was willing to work into the late evening so the move could take place the following day.

Sheindl has been helpful in the past in my own home and recently has been helping organize my home office and basement. We are very grateful to Sheindl for her help.