Myra B. Burlington, Vermont

Sheindl’s been a tremendous help in gaining control of my “To do” list. I’ve continued to feel more organized (than I was) by following her easy-to-implement suggestions. I find her suggestions and help have made my life easier.

I was reluctant to part with some of my clothes. Sheindl’s gentle questions & checklist helped me make wise decisions. It gave me pleasure to know that my discarded items were going to be used and enjoyed by others.

I just love the cork board idea that she suggested to me to organize my jewelry. I am now enjoying my “bijoux” which I haven’t worn in years! Such fun! Now I know what shopping in my closet means. It also feels so good to donate the things I am not using. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, kindness, caring ways and concern about our world….as you guide me in the direction of being mindful of the environment.I would give Positive Spaces 10 stars, but realize that 5 is the maximum!