Kay W, Cote St. Luc, Montreal

Working with Sheindl has been a joyous event. Each time she leaves, I am thrilled with the work we have accomplished in a mere three hours. We’ve organized photos, books, clothing, papers, bathroom storage, kitchen pantry, crawl space, and on and on. I have also appreciated Sheindl’s good eye for aesthetics in hanging art and placing objects! As well, she’s shared many excellent resources which have proven helpful: for framing artwork, photocopying, repairing glass, etc. Thanks to Sheindl, we have been to the EcoCentre in Lasalle, Renaissance on St. Jacques, used Freecycle.org, contributed to McGill’s book sale, donated books to the Museum (MMFA/Musee des beaux-arts), to the Alzheimer Society, etc—all in the process of downsizing.