Elinor U, Brockville, Ontario

Sheindl came to Brockville Ontario to help me clean up the space where I create. I had ten years of creating, accumulating supplies, and just putting it back in the room to move on to my next project. I cannot say enough about the help Sheindl provided. It was an overwhelming task and she helped me go through it one area at a time. Sheindl helped me focus on one area as I tend to drift when I see something I forgot I had and got excited to find it.

Everything that can be put away now gets put away when I am making things. I will never go back. Sheindl taught me ways to organize i.e.: in the cupboard that I had not thought about using before. She helped me to say goodbye to things I had accumulated but clearly would not use and someone else may want to use. A big thank you from my whole family for helping to clean a space that so badly needed it in such a supportive way!