Beth S, NDG, Montreal

After suffering from a cancerous brain tumour and extensive chemotherapy, I was left with serious issues with attention and concentration, lost my job, used up all my resources, and became very depressed. I couldn’t get organized: I would start, get distracted, forget what I was doing, and get discouraged. I was searching for someone to work with who understood what I was going through, and who is nurturing and encouraging. Finding Sheindl was a true blessing. In our first three hours together, we accomplished more than I had been able to get done in years! We have sorted, rearranged, tidied, cleaned, and labelled things to give away. She is efficient, practical, and knowledgeable, but even more, she treated me with respect, patience, and kindness. In the 9 years since my bout with cancer, I have not been able to find someone who will truly work WITH me as we continue to put order where there is chaos. Working with Sheindl is a life-altering experience. My burden is less; my spirit is lighter, and I have hope that finally I will feel more in control of my life and be able to move on to a new phase.