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My office was looking like I put all my papers in a blender and pressed the button…and the result wasn’t a smoothie. Sheindl came to my rescue with sensitivity and an artist’s eye. I’m able to focus and concentrate on my creative projects without all the distraction of clutter and I love my beautiful workspace now! Thank you, Sheindl.

Linda M, Le Plateau, Montreal

Sheindl was the most helpful person that I ever met. When I moved into my new premises at Place Kensington, I don’t think I could have done it without Sheindl’s help. She was at my side and helped me no end. She helped me go through my books, jewelry, clothing, shoes, and dishes, and decide what to bring and what to give away. It’s wonderful to talk to her and she’s a darling to deal with. I simply love her.

Doris B, Moved from Outremont to Westmount

Sheindl sorted and eliminated the things we thought weren’t useful, and then packed things for moving, and then unpacked and placed things in a suitable place where they were supposed to be. Fifteen boxes unpacked. Pictures were placed in proper arrangements on the wall. Everything looked beautiful. I’m very happy with my new room. I didn’t think it was possible for everything to look so beautiful in 4.5 hours. She was cheerful and happy during all this process. Even when I got grumpy, she was still patient and cheerful.

Karen U, Moved from Verdun to Beaconsfield

Working with Sheindl has been a joyous event. Each time she leaves, I am thrilled with the work we have accomplished in a mere three hours. We’ve organized photos, books, clothing, papers, bathroom storage, kitchen pantry, crawl space, and on and on. I have also appreciated Sheindl’s good eye for aesthetics in hanging art and placing objects! As well, she’s shared many excellent resources which have proven helpful: for framing artwork, photocopying, repairing glass, etc. Thanks to Sheindl, we have been to the EcoCentre in Lasalle, Renaissance on St. Jacques, used Freecycle.org, contributed to McGill’s book sale, donated books to the Museum (MMFA/Musee des beaux-arts), to the Alzheimer Society, etc—all in the process of downsizing.

Kay W, Cote St. Luc, Montreal

I have been downsizing a large home with Sheindl. Sheindl is organized, pleasant and she cares about others in the community who might benefit from what is being discarded.

Guita H, St Laurent

Sheindl was very helpful and gave me good advice. She did a good job hanging my art on the walls, in the right places. She arranged my wardrobe in my closet and organized my dresser. She arranged the furniture so it would be in the right place. Sheindl made it easy and without stress to make the transition to Westmount Manor.

Wilma K, Westmount

Sheindl was extremely helpful on many levels at a very difficult time. She helped me and my siblings organize and stage our mother’s house after she passed away so that it could be put up for sale. After the sale we had limited time to empty it and move all the belongings out and she was of great assistance as well as very supportive and patient regarding the emotions we were contending with while trying to do this difficult job.

Sheindl was always professional and supportive and was willing to stay long hours to finish the job. She even showed up one night unexpectedly to see how things were going and was willing to work into the late evening so the move could take place the following day.

Sheindl has been helpful in the past in my own home and recently has been helping organize my home office and basement. We are very grateful to Sheindl for her help.

Sally P, Cote St. Luc, Montreal

Sheindl. You were so positive, supportive, and helpful through this process. Not only did you make the transition for our Mother (@ 95 years old) smooth and as stress-free as was realistically possible, but it was done with a caring and kindness that will not soon be forgotten. We appreciate everything you have done. Keeping us informed through the process was also of great comfort to us.

If you require a reference or if someone wanted to confirm your ability with regard to the services you provide, please don’t hesitate to ask. It’s been a pleasure working with you. It was like you were actually a family member.

Laura & Stephen L, Toronto

As a friend of Phyllis’s, I was involved in her recent move to a Senior’s residence. This move involved serious downsizing, keeping only the most necessary and precious belongings for Phyllis to feel comfortable in her new, much smaller home.

I was very impressed with Sheindl’s efficient handling of that job. Available 24/7, staying in close touch with family members, suggesting effective strategies and “to-do-lists’ as the circumstances evolved, was a major positive thread throughout the weeks of successfully preparing for a life-changing move.

I will always suggest Sheindl’s name for any situation involving decluttering or downsizing leading to the creation of a new home, and a new “positive space”.

Vicky S, Montreal

Sheindl helped my client Phyllis pack and prepare for her move into a private residence. Sheindl is the most compassionate, loving, genuine person I ever met. I highly recommend Sheindl because she truly loves what she is doing and will do anything to make your new place ‘YOU’, comfortable and of course stress-free!

Jessica L, Placement Agency for Seniors, Montreal