Gratitude Journal

I am deeply troubled by the sad events and phenomena in the world: the Humboldt hockey team bus accident, white van plowing down innocent pedestrians in downtown Toronto, Waffle House shooting in Texas, last year’s horror at the mosque in Quebec city, Trump’s policies and behaviour, the ongoing civil war in Syria, staggering amount of plastic in our oceans, and on and on.
In spite of it all, I strive to remain optimistic. Medical research has shown that people who keep a Gratitude Journal tend to live more healthily and longer, sleep better, and lean towards being happier than those who don’t.
Keeping such a journal is a proven antidote to depressive feelings and is relatively easy to do. Choose a pleasing notebook and pen and keep it at your bedside or wherever you wish to write. The truth is that you could use any old scrap of paper, but I think, once you’re doing it, why not write in something pleasing?
Robert Emmons, a leading expert on the science of gratitude, has some research-based tips for maximizing the gains from a Gratitude Journal.
*He states that journaling reaps greater results if you make a conscious effort to become more grateful and happier in general.
*Writing in depth about something you are grateful for is more beneficial than a superficial list.
*Focussing on people rather than concrete articles you are grateful for will deliver a greater positive impact.
*Record surprises or unexpected events, as they tend to trigger stronger levels of gratitude.
*While some believe in daily writing at least three things you are grateful for, initial research has shown that writing once or twice a week produces better results. You could try it both ways and see what works best for you.
I am profoundly grateful for my work as a Montreal Professional Organizer and know that my clients are most appreciative of the results of our decluttering and organizing work together.
Why not try a Gratitude Journal? Let me know how it impacts you, if you feel so inclined. Create a “positive space/espace positif” in your soul and heart!