Spring decluttering!

As this blog is posted, it’s one day post Passover. Passover is a prime marker of the year for me, the unofficial beginning of spring, even though it’s -20C with the wind chill, as I write this morning. Passover is a Jewish celebration centered on liberation from slavery.
Some Montrealers have felt as if they were imprisoned this winter. It’s been a tough slog for many – more difficult than some – with long periods of extreme cold, icy conditions, and the desolation of darkness exacerbated by a frozen wasteland of impassable streets and sidewalks. This winter began early and is ending late.

I can handle snow, cold, and extra hours of darkness, yet icy sidewalks and winter driving can be a deterrent when it comes to optional outings. In the winter, I bundle up when venturing outdoors, and wear cozy sweaters and slippers at home. When out in the evening, I enjoy looking through house windows to see how others decorate and live.
In spite of the weather sometimes keeping me indoors, what helps me get through winter is planning pleasurable activities to look forward to: shows, lectures, dinner parties, fireworks at the Old Port, dances and movies, as well as cozy time indoors reading, cooking, writing, organizing and decluttering my own home.
Back to Passover. I like to transpose the Passover story to a modern key, reflecting on what we ourselves would like to be liberated from. It could be a less-than- healthy relationship, dysfunctional eating habits, or perhaps an addiction to cigarettes, drugs, or gambling.Some people just need to be able to take a step back from their “stuff.” They feel suffocated, choked, unhappy, hemmed in… and would like to be liberated!
Any time of year is a great time to get started, yet for many people, spring conjures up the idea of “spring cleaning” and “spring decluttering.” That’s where a Professional Organizer like me can be helpful.

A happy spring to all! Enjoy the warmth when it finally arrives.