The Power of Positive Thinking

“I feel like I never get anything finished,” said a recent Montreal client who had hired me as a Professional Organizer. Besides optimizing the efficiency of her living space, I suggested that she create and use an affirmation like: I get things done efficiently and expediently. My client liked the idea.
We put a few signs up in her apartment: on the kitchen fridge, on her bathroom mirror, and the last in her bedroom.

I explained that in order for an affirmation to really make a difference, you need to repeat it to your subconscious until it becomes part of your conscious thinking. In order of effectiveness, you can think of an affirmation, you can read it, and you can write it as you say it aloud.

I’ve been successfully using affirmations for the last 29 years or so, since I took a course entitled “We Are What we Think.” When I took this course, I was single, and very much wanted to find my basherter– the Yiddish word for soulmate. I created an affirmation and used visualization, and my honey and I happily celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary last September 6th! I am a big believer in the power of affirmations.

Nathan Bellow wrote a highly acclaimed book entitled The Power of Affirmations: Improve the Quality of Your Life By Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind. This book has many enthusiastic reviews on Amazon and I am planning to buy it as a refresher.

Affirmations should be concise, in the present tense, and should be stated in positive terms. In terms of eating, for example, it would not be helpful to say, I will not binge eat. Rather, a positive affirmation could be something like: I eat healthily and mindfully.

With regard to decluttering, one could use the following affirmation:
We are easily letting go of things we don’t need or use. Another helpful tool is to visualize the space as you would like it to be.

Other personal affirmations I have found helpful over the years:
I am calm and loving at all times.
I go with the flow of life in a calm and relaxed manner.

I have helped friends, family, and clients create (literally) life-changing affirmations. Why not give it a try? Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about affirmations, and of course, if you’d like some help decluttering, downsizing, or organizing.