How to Spread Happiness!


The last sentence of my mission statement reads “Spread happiness.”

That might seem like an odd thing for a Professional Organizer to include in her mission statement, however, it is a guiding force for how I live my life. How do I do this?

I give compliments to people I meet, including random strangers. For example, I might say, “You have great hair”, or “I love your red boots “or “You look smashing in that hat!”

I greet passersby with a cheery “Good morning.” When I smile, I find that people often smile back.

When calling  a company for information, I start the conversation by asking, “How are you today?” I picked that one up from my daughter.

I thank people for a job well done, and if they’ve provided exceptional service and if I have the time, I’ll ask to speak to their supervisor to express my positive feedback.

I share home-baked goodies: brownies, peanut brittle, apple cake. People love home-baked goods!

When a telemarketer calls, instead of quickly hanging up, I’ll say something like, “I’m sorry, I’m not interested. But good luck in your job.”

I try to look on the bright side of things. I was just speaking to our 100 year old friend, Bea Samuelson, who lives in Burlington, Vt. She has quite the cold but said, “It could be worse. You know I always try to have a positive attitude.”

I ask my network what they would like for a present, or pick up on cues for their secret wishes.

I call or email elderly or ill friends, or people who are going through a rough time, to offer some cheer and see how they are.

I offer visually impaired people assistance to cross the road, chatting as we cross.

We invite friends and family over to share a meal, creating lovely experiences and memories.

I used to volunteer at the NDG Food Depot but stopped when I got too busy. Nonetheless, volunteering is a wonderful way to spread happiness.

I send greeting cards and decorate envelopes with stickers. I love stickers!  I take time to think about what I’m writing to the person who will be receiving the card, and write a meaningful message, whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, an accomplishment, a new home, etc.

And in my work, I spread happiness by helping clients declutter, downsize, organizer and more- an equally great feeling for them and for me!

I’d love to hear how you spread happiness, in your own way.

Me and Bea Samuelson. Bea is 100 years old and knits about a hat a day for refugees and immigrants. “It beats sitting around,” she says.